Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Night Jack Update

Just got home from the hospital visiting our little man. He may be only a week old and very sick, but this little guy brings us so much joy. Just to be with him and touch his little hands and feet and see the beautiful movement of his chest rising and falling is wonderful. Every moment with him is a gift, and all of us are so thankful to have more time with him.

Tonight after we got back from the hospital, I put Jack's almost-2-year-old sister Lindsey to bed. Because I was the only one here with her, because I'm a big pushover and hate to hear my nieces cry, and because I get to spend precious little time with them and figure I can't mess them up too much in just a few short days, I let her sit with me in the living room until she fell asleep instead of putting her in her crib. She sat on my lap, head on my shoulder, arms wrapped around my neck as she drifted off and I sat there hoping and praying for a day that I'll be able to snuggle with Jack and feel his little arms hugging me, too.

His doctors say he's had a "general upward trend". So that is, of course, a good thing. But the progress seems to be slower than they would like. He's moving his mouth a little bit and tonight reacted when my mom touched his bottom lip, but we're still hoping to see more alertness and movement. He has not opened his eyes since they stopped giving him sedatives and he is still not moving his extremities at all. We're looking to see some baby wiggles soon!! The more normal baby stuff he does, the better! And of course, more and clearer urine remains a constant prayer request!! (This is without a doubt the first time I've ever heard so many people praying so fervently for tinkle!!)

Please don't stop praying and know that we are grateful to each and every one of you for your part in the miracles that we've seen in Jack's little life!!

I know Jack has some people in his prayer corner who've never met my sister and her family. So for those of you who haven't seen Shannon, George and the girls, here they are:


Britt and Adam said...

Hey friend!
We're checking your blog several times a day and praying continually!
I love ya Tats!

Jackie said...

You do not know me or my family: But we are stationed with the military over here in Okinawa, Japan. Rest assured, prayers are being sent all the way from Asia too!

3crazybabies said...

I am a friend of a friend and I check the blog every day twice. We are all praying for Jack and wish the best for your family.

Megymelly said...


While I'm stalking your blog (I just leave the page open at school and refresh several times a day) I wanted to comment and thank you for posting. Facebook is blocked at school, so you're keeping Bob & I up to date so nicely.

PS - Lindsey's smile in this picture ! Love it! ~ Meg