Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh My Stinkin' Goodness

Not that my night with the girls was crazy or anything, but today, after having spent the past 18 hours with Shannon in her house, I got home and checked Jack's Facebook group to see if there were any new updates. To say that Christin had a stomach bug would be grossly understating the magnitude of the yuckiness we encountered last night. Poor little Christin was absolutely miserable, and while I'll spare you the details suffice it to say there was more than one point during the night that I vowed to NEVER have children of my own. Christin was ill, Lindsey was beyond exhausted but refusing to sleep choosing to scream instead. At one point, I was holding Lindsey - in absolute hysterics - in one arm and holding back Christin's hair and "assisting" her with the other. It was a bit insane for a while there. But we all managed to get a few hours of sleep and after several truly miserable hours, Christin seemed to rebound quickly. And I may just be willing to give Jack and the girls a cousin or two at some point. But I'm shipping them up to Aunt Shannon's house if they ever get the stomach flu.

Jack is holding steady and is trending upward again, but very slowly. Doctors were considering trying to run his new pic line again today, but I haven't yet heard if that's a sure thing. Shannon and George have a meeting today - right now actually - with Jack's doctors and hopefully I will have some news from that meeting soon. In the mean time, prayer requests remain the same: liver function, kidney function, lots and lots of urine!!

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dslen said...

God bless Aunt Tara for all her help. What a "wonderful" evening you had!!! Been there, done that, and it is no fun.

love mrs. slen