Monday, May 11, 2009

A Much Belated Update

I apologize for not updating yesterday. Our Mother's Day was a bit frantic. Jack had a bad night on Saturday, and by Sunday afternoon they did not think he was going to last much longer. All of his supportive machines were turned up as high as they could go and he was still struggling.

Thankfully, our little fighter once again pulled through. He's still in very critical condition but he's hanging on. Yesterday, the swelling started effecting his lungs and his ventilator had to be turned up again, but he has been able to pass some urine today (on track for about .65 by the end of the day - remember 2 is desired) and they've been able to tweak a few things to help his oxygen intake. Today they have been able to turn down the ventilator a bit. George said he is basically back to where he was last weekend.

Basically, his kidneys are not functioning well and his liver isn't functioning. They cannot do anything to make these organs work, so he is on what they call "supportive care", which means they are doing everything they can to buy him time so his body can repair itself. It is possible for him to stay like this for a long time. Technically his kidneys and liver could start working at any time, but it is likely it will be a long, long road. The prayer is that he can keep fighting until this happens and does not get to a point where his body is too damaged to keep going.

I'm sorry it took me so long to get you all these updates. I know so many people were worried yesterday and I hope most of you were able to get some info from Facebook. Last night Shannon came home for the first time to sleep in her own bed and get some time with the girls. I stayed with her to help with the grunt work, since she still can't lift her daughters or drive. Lindsey welcomed her by developing a small stomach bug and vomiting a few times for Mommy. So I was a bit busy last night and this morning helping with the girls. I hope you all can forgive me!!

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