Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trashpicking! Wheeeee!!!

Yesterday Jamie and I went for a walk and saw this:

on our neighbor's lawn with a sign that read "$75". Today when I was walking Kona, I saw the sign had been changed to "Free". Much more in our price range. So we snatched it up. Along with this:

And this:

And of course this:

Which I have been having a great time with, sticking it in random places for Jamie to find.

Three cheers for furnishing your home with your neighbor's castoffs!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Uncle Jamie's Video

Rebecca's video reminded me of this beauty I had wanted to share with everyone. Christin so generously allowed me to make this for Uncle Jamie when he wasn't with us in New Jersey. Please notice how she gets distracted watching her own reflection in the TV. How hilarious is this child?

I apologize for cutting it off at the end. I really wasn't sure if it was ever going to end...

To give credit where credit's due - song and choreography by Christin herself.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Two Years Better

Jamie and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Tuesday. Since it was the middle of the week, we took it easy with dinner and a movie at home and saved the real celebration for today.

It was a pretty perfect day. We slept in and then headed out to the Chattahootchee for some tubing. We spent a good two hours on the river and decided it's a great place for floating. There's a couple quick spots, one class 2 "rapid" (where Jamie's tube got completely full of water), and lots of deep areas to swim (when the water's not 50 degrees, which it was today). And listen to this brillance: the tube rental place uses tubes that are solid on the bottom. No tushy scrapping the rocks, no wet rear end, and we could toss our shoes and stuff in the tube with us without worrying about losing them. I couldn't, however, bring my camera without worrying about it getting wet so you'll just have to imagine what it was like. We had such a nice time, we're considering buying our own tubes and going several times this summer.

Part II of our day was dinner out. So we went home, washed the river stink off and headed to Carrabba's for some grub. We decided since it was a special occasion (and since we had a gift card with $60 left on it) to do it up big. So we had an appetizer, some sangria and dessert. Yes, Jamie paid for dessert in a restaurant. Can you believe it? The boy gets pretty reckless every once in a while. It was delicious, we left completely stuffed, and I know exactly what I'm having for lunch tomorrow. That chicken bryan is the bomb.

We took some pictures when we got home (because for some reason we both feel weird taking pictures of ourselves in public and we hate asking strangers to do it).

First Jamie had to check out how his grass is doing. He really wants to kill the crabgrass and get the yard looking good again, so he's been treating it with crabgrass killer and fertilizer. It's getting there. Don't ask us about the backyard though...

Then he closed his eyes...

Then he closed his eyes...

Then he finally got one with his eyes open!!

Ah yes a good one!

What a cute little old married couple we make :)

Not to get too mushy on you, but I really think our marriage has just gotten better over the last year. We've worked out some of the kinks of adjusting to married life and really just work so well together now. I would not have guessed a year ago that we'd be working in the same office and really enjoying being together so much!! But I just love being around him. He makes me laugh and still gives me butterflies all the time :) Here's to two great years together and many more to come!