Saturday, May 9, 2009

Virtual Prayer "Meeting"

Jack's kidneys are not doing as well as we would hope today. We haven't been up to see him yet, but Shannon tells us his urine output is low and his swelling has increased.

Shannon and George's small group from church is asking everyone to spend some time in prayer for Jack tomorrow (Sunday May 10th), at 6:00 PM EST. Please join us in praying for his healing, specifically his liver and kidneys. Pray that they would be functioning normally and our little guy will start seeing some dramatic improvements soon!!

Note from Vanessa James (friend and small group memeber) on Jack's Facebook group:
"Every time we check this page we are amazed at how many people have signed up to pray for baby Jack. Whether you know George and Shannon or not, you're support for their beautiful baby boy and their family has been overwhelming. And, on a personal note, you have been an encouragement to everyone who is concerned for Jack. It's just nice to know you're out there.

Last night, when the “Young Couples” Bible Study that George and Shannon participate in gathered to pray for baby Jack and the DeVol family, we couldn't help admitting to each other the feelings of complacency creeping in among us all. That's when we had an idea . . .

We know you're already praying, but we ask for you to join us, Sunday, May 10th 2009 at 6:00 P.M. EST in specific prayer for baby Jack.

The Bible tells us in Mark 11:24, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

This Mother's Day, at 6:00 P.M., we ask you to specifically pray for Jack's liver to heal and to show signs of improvement this week.

It's easy for the non-believer to dismiss the miracles of God we see everyday, but whenever I see a picture of baby Jack or read a new update about another hour in this child's life, I thank God for the miracle he's working. Your prayers have been answered. Over and over they have been answered. Please join us in praying for another miracle, and trust in your faith that God will hear our prayers.

Thank you,

The Young Couples Bible Study"

Shannon also added a note there including a link which provides a medical description of what happened to Jack in utero:
I found an article that explains a little bit of what happened in utero to lead to Jack's condition.
I am still searching for an article that really explains what is going on now in his little body. As you are reading here are some answers to questions you may have:
1. When did I aquire these antibodies? I had a blood transfusion when I had an ectopic rupture in 2005 (after Christin, before Lindsey)
2. Why didn't this happen with Lindsey? Apparently Lindsey had a different blood type without any of the antigens that I have antibodies to.
3. How was I monitored? I had regular tests to check my antibody levels and doppler ultrasounds every six weeks. These never showed a reason for concern.
I will keep searching for an article that explains his current condition.
Keep Praying!

Don't forget to join us in prayer tomorrow at 6:00 PM EST!!!

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