Monday, December 1, 2008

Home Again

On Saturday, I woke up in Cocoa Beach. It was sunny, it was 70-some degrees outside, and I spent a bit of time on the beach before heading back to Orlando. It was sunny there, too. And warm. Around 7:30 pm I got in the car and started driving. It was warm then too.

On Sunday, I woke up in Buford. It was raining. It was 40-some degrees outside. I spent the whole day in my pajamas on the couch. In mourning.

I just hate the end of vacation.

But on a positive note: I have a new camera. And we spent a whole lot of time getting to know each other last week. So when my internet decides to cooperate long enough to upload some photos, I should have a nice, long slideshow for all of you to watch!