Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So I Don't Get in Trouble...

I wanted to jump on here really quick for a super brief update. I'm at Shannon's again for the night helping with the girls (who are NOT thrilled about bedtime today!!).

Jack had a decent day and his urine output was up from the previous days, but not what it needs to be. They tried to move his pic line from his belly button to his arm or leg. The veins around the belly button close as a newborn grows and cannot be used for too long. They were unable to run them and the poor little guy had to endure a few attempts in his right arm and leg before they decided to wait. They'll try again later; possibly tomorrow, but I'm not totally sure on that.

Shannon said she did see him open his eyes at one point, so that was very sweet for her to see! He's still with us and fighting!!

He had a good day, but he still needs to have some major improvement in his kidneys and liver. Keep praying!!

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