Tuesday, July 3, 2012

11 Months!

I'm 11 months old now! That means I'm only 1 month away from my first birthday! Can you believe it?!

Me and my elephant hit the road again for this month's celebration. Here we are in Waynesville, NC.

Me, Mommy and Daddy went up to the Smoky Mountains with my grandma and grandpa and Aunt Julie and Uncle Aron. We spent two nights in Gatlinburg, TN and one night in Waynesville. I liked the mountains, but did NOT like driving through them. The winding roads made me carsick for the very first time :( Being carsick is yucky! Mommy had to clean my clothes out in the river when we pulled over. But once we got done the yucky driving part, I had a great time! I swam in the hotel pool, went hiking in the mountains, and spent a lot if time with Grandma and Grandpa! Here's me and Daddy hiking:

Don't worry, we got my carrier adjusted so I wasn't hanging all the way down his back the whole time!

I'm not quite walking yet, but I can stand on my own and cruise on the furniture. I'm getting pretty close to taking those first steps! I like to rearrange the furniture by pushing chairs around the house. At my Great-Grandma Kerr's house, I always move her kitchen footstool across the kitchen. It looks better there, but she keeps moving it back.

 I'm also mimicking words. I try to say "yuck", "all done", and "oops". And I love to blow raspberries and give fishy kisses - I suck my cheeks in to make a fish face and then make a kissing noise.

I LOVE to wave. I wave to say "hi", "bye" and "night night". I also like to wave at my own reflection in the mirror. That pretty baby always waves back :)

I'm usually a happy, smiley girl and I can get pretty giggly! I'm very ticklish now, too. But when I'm tired I get very dramatic. I will cry bloody murder over the tiniest little bump. I'm just not happy when I'm tired!

One month from now I'll be celebrating my first birthday! Mommy says I'll get to eat cake and ice cream. I'm not sure what that's all about, but she makes it sound pretty exciting! I'll let you know what I think next month!

Just for fun, here's a video of me getting my exercise. I could do this all day long. And I scream when Mommy or Daddy makes me stop.