Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Last night doctors switched Jack's ventilator to a more mobile, gentle one. They're hoping this will help him to get more oxygen and to breathe more on his own. He has taken a few breaths on his own this morning. He can be moved more easily now, so hopefully today they will perform an MRI to look at his brain and his other organs. He's still producing urine, but needs to be making more.

Several people have asked how Shannon and George are doing, so I'll do my best to answer that question.

Anyone who knows my sister and her husband knows that they love and adore their children and also that they are two people with a huge amount of faith and trust in God. They were absolutely thrilled to be having this little boy and want him to be with them for a long, long time. So of course, seeing him so ill and not knowing if he's going to live has been very hard on them.

But they trust that Jack is in God's hands. They consider every moment they have with him a blessing and know that God is watching over him and knows what is best for him.

Physically, Shannon is still recovering. Having her c-section and then having to get back on her feet right away to be with Jack has been tough. She's sore and has had some swelling in her legs from being up too much. She's getting better, but she could definitely use prayers for her healing, too.

We've also had people ask what they can do for Shannon, George and the girls. Right now, the girls are with my parents and Shannon and George are staying at CHOP with Jack. Their biggest need is just prayer. Friends and church family have offered to cook meals and do laundry and things are pretty well covered for now. So please just continue to pray and we'll let everyone know if there's something the DeVols need.

Thanks so much for all your prayers and love!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
My name is Kristi Peterson & info about your nephew was passed along to me from a friend at my church. I don't know your family at all, but I also have a preemie in the NICU at CHOP. She was born on 2/8 at only 28 weeks. I too had an emergency c-section. My husband & I have made & continue to make the trek to CHOP daily. Although our Sophia's circumstances are different, we can definitely identify with the fear and stress, as well as the physical & emotional exhaustion of having a baby in the NICU. We will be praying for your family & for baby Jack. We will pray for healing for his tiny body & that the three of them would be wrapped in Christ's love & comfort. In the times when our spirits can only groan and only tears will come, God knows our cries & holds us tightly. He IS faithful & has never left Jack or his parents. I always picture Jesus stroking Sophia's head & holding her little body in His safe arms. And I know He is doing the same for Jack. Please pass along to your sister that there are Christians in the NICU praying for them!! I know it's all so overwhelming they probably won't want to leave Jack's bedside or bother to talk to strangers (at least I didn't at first!). But if they want someone to pray with - we are in the NIC East in room 2015. Paul & Kristi Peterson & our daughter is Sophia. We are there every evening. We also are on facebook. We will continue to lift them up as we know so well the heaviness of their hearts.

Jesus never fails,
Kristi Peterson

msannalee said...

I just read about this on Facebook. I had a son in CHOP 30 years ago. He has Prader-Willi Syndrome but at the time did not have the proper testing to diagnose it. I remember the long hours and the waiting and praying for strength - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - I will be praying for you now as you are on this difficult journey.