Thursday, May 14, 2009

God is Still Good

We may not have our sweet little baby boy with us for much longer. He's struggling to get the oxygen he needs, and the doctors are saying they cannot turn his ventilator up anymore. He's having some bleeding on his lungs and doctors are afraid any more pressure in them will cause him to bleed more severely. While adjusting his ventilator could buy him more time, the bleeding would eventually lead to his death and would be painful for him. Doctors are encouraging Shannon and George to have him taken off the ventilator. Right now, we are at CHOP waiting for George's family to join us. Once they are here and have gotten a chance to see him, doctors will be taking him off the ventilator. There is always the possibility that Jack could start breathing on his own. This would take a miracle, but we know God is more than able. If we don't get that miracle, Jack may live off the ventilator for only a short while or he may hang on for several more hours.

Pray that we get our miracle.

Please be praying for Shannon and George as they deal with this heartbreaking time in their lives. Pray that God would strengthen them and comfort them and show us how to best support them. Pray that God's will is done in this little one's life and that we are all able to trust in His loving sovereignty. And pray for the lives that have been touched by Jack in his short time with us.

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grandpa said...

Please know we are there with you in spirit during this critical time. Please tell Shannon and George we are praying for them to have the strengh to handle what ever comes. God will do what is best for Jack, them, and all of us. Love, Grandma and Grandpa.