Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some Brief Updates

We just got back from our daily visit to CHOP to see Jack, Shannon and George. Everyone is doing well. Jack is doing well on the new ventilator, and the whole family agreed it was good to see his little chest rising and falling (on the old ventilator this didn't happen). Shannon told us they are still looking to see more, clearer urine. An EEG done on his brain showed no significant damage, which of course is wonderful news. There is still much that needs to happen before his full prognosis is known, but every positive sign is an answer to prayer.

Another item to add to your prayer list along with his kidney and general organ function: Doctors are wanting to see Jack wake up. They have not been giving him sedatives and if his kidneys are working and flushing out the sedatives from earlier, he should start to open his eyes more. Obviously this is something we would LOVE to see!! It would be great to see our little man looking more alert. Tonight one of the nurses suctioned some fluid from his mouth and he seemed to respond, so that was encouraging.

Best moment of the day for me personally: Shannon told us one of the doctors said they would like to do an MRI but that can wait and they may do it next week. It was just so wonderful to hear them planning to do something for him several days from now. It has been so touch and go that to hear the doctors planning ahead for him is great!!

Thank you for your continued prayers!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi..My name is Yvonne O'Donnell. I heard about your nephew through another mom in our MOMS Club. My son, who is now 5 months old, was a NICU baby at Kennedy Hospital. Although he only spent 1 week there, it was the hardest time of our lives. My thoughts and prayers are with Jake and the rest of your family. God never puts more on us than we can handle. You find a strength you never had before in circumstances like these. Best Wishes...The O'Donnell Family.