Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Call Me Santa Claus

I'm a giver. I just try to spend my days making those around me happier. Which is why today as I sat in the dentist chair I thought, "You know, I bet dental hygienist don't usually have good stories to tell of their work day. Deborah's been cleaning my teeth for a couple years now, and I like her. I think I'll give her an interesting story to tell her family around the dinner table tonight."

As she finished scraping my teeth and switched to the oh so fun polishing brush, I stopped her and said, "I don't feel very good. Can I go use the restroom?" Of course she said yes and we both got up so she could show me to the bathroom. That's when I decided a pregnant girl feeling kind of sick isn't all that exciting of a story. So I decided I'd just pass out right there in the hallway.

Yeah, pretty embarrassing. I passed out cold. Thankfully Deborah was able to get behind and keep me from whacking my head on the ceramic tile floor. My rear end unfortunately did not fare so well. In case you were wondering, bruising your backside is kinda painful.

After several minutes of sitting on the floor while the entire staff hovered over me offering snacks and drinks, I was fine. I was able to get up and call Jamie who came to pick me up. I called later to check in with my OB and they said it was nothing to worry about. Probably just low blood sugar from not eating or a drop in my blood pressure. Either way, I'm fine now. But oh my goodness, that was embarrassing! At least Deborah and her co-workers had a good story to tell of the fainting pregnant chick at work today!


Cyndee said...

Seriously? (I don't like finding these things out on your blog...)

Shannon said...

ditto what Mom said!!!

Joel said...

Next time you should wake up fighting! Now THAT would be a story.