Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I get her up at 7:30, change her diaper and head out to the kitchen to feed her breakfast like we do every day. Except today she doesn't want to eat. She screams, clamps her mouth shut, turns her head away. So finally I get her down and put her on the floor to play like she does every morning. But today she doesn't want to play. She just wants me to hold her. She's not too concerned about the housework I'm trying to get done and how difficult holding her makes my chores. So I carry her around and do as much as I can until I run out of one-armed chores.

We sit on the floor and play except she doesn't really want to play, she wants to climb on me like a jungle gym. Pulling my hair and covering my clothes in drool and snot, whining the whole time.

At 9:00 I put her in the bath. She's happy for the first time today, splashing in the bubbles and playing with her duckies, so I decide to wipe up the grime in the bathroom. My back is turned for .3 seconds. She poops in the tub and I turn around just in time to catch her shoving a handful in her mouth. I stand there for several seconds holding her awkwardly, trying to figure out how to deal with this mess. I clean everything up, give her another bath and get her dressed. She cries the whole time.

We go into her room and I lay her on the changing table and grab her nasal aspirator. She's still getting over a cold and needs her nose cleaned out. She hates it and screams and tries to get away from me. It turns into a wrestling match I eventually give up on. Her boogers will just have to stay put for now.

I sit her on my lap in the glider and read her a book. She cries, still not over the trauma of the aspirator. I eventually give up and lay her down for her nap, still crying. She fusses for a while and then finally, finally, falls asleep.

I sit down on the couch and grab my laptop, already needing a break 2 hours into this day. As I sit here reading blogs and sipping orange juice, I feel the little one inside of me moving, starting her morning workout. And I think, "I can't wait for you to get here, little girl!"

And then I realize I've completely lost my mind.


Cyndee said...

Yes, you have. But why is our Anna so unhappy? Teething? Sick? Missing Nana?

Rebecca said...

haha, that was the best ending :) Parenthood makes NO sense!