Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sugar and Spice

Baby #2 is a girl! We are so excited to be welcoming another little princess into the family!

Also, I'm excited to be right this time. I'm 1 for 2. Which is 50%. Which is still failing. But it's better than 0%!

Jamie wasn't able to go with me to my ultrasound yesterday. Since today is tax day and he's a CPA, taking off yesterday would have been tough. I could have rescheduled my ultrasound for later in the week but, um I didn't want to wait. Instead, I had the technician seal our pictures in an envelope for Jamie and I to look at together when he got home.

At dinner, Jamie asked me if I had any guesses. I told him I was pretty certain it was a girl which made me pretty sure it was a boy. Because I was certain Anna was a boy and she's a girl. So I was assuming my intuition is faulty.

After dinner, we left Anna with Rebecca and went to Sonic to get some ice cream and open our envelope. As soon as I pulled the pictures out I saw the very first one was the "money shot" and was labeled "It's a girl!" Jamie somehow missed that. I said, "Awwww" He said, "Can you tell? Don't tell me!" I said, "Are you serious?" He said, "Yeah don't tell me. Let's just keep looking." I said, "No really. Look at the picture." He stared at it for several more seconds and then went "Oh! I didn't see that." Dork.

Jamie and I were both hoping for another girl. I wanted a girl for the practical purposes of being able to reuse everything and for the fun they'll get to have together being so close in age. Jamie stated his reason for wanting a girl in this way, "When you have one baby, you think she's perfect and you want all your other kids to be just like her. If it's a boy it would be less like her and so less perfect." Haha He's a little bit smitten with Anna.

It looks like we'll be battling it out over a girl name! Yay for tea parties, baby dolls, and pretty dresses!! And for not having to repaint the nursery!

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Shannon said...

Since "Anna and the boys" is out we need a cute nickname for all the littles. The first one that pops in my head is Irish quadruplets or maybe the miracle 4 :)