Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some updates

First of all, I'd just like to say I made that title bar above from a picture I took on our trip to Buckhead for my birthday. Impressed? I am.

Secondly, I had a request for more pictures of Kona from Kristy and was having a hard time deciding which pictures and stories to include, so I uploaded everything to Picasa and you can look at them through the link on the sidebar.

Kona has been so much fun. He's a sleeper and will snooze away most of the morning. He's doing well enough in housebreaking now that I can take him out in the morning and then leave him in the living room while I shower and get dressed. He plays or naps happily and doesn't get into anything.

We're bell training him, which means I have a bell hanging by the back door for him to ring when he needs out. He's getting the hang of it and definitely understands that he gets to go out if he rings it. Now if he just could understand that he's supposed to go out to go to the bathroom, we'd be good. He's still learning, but he hasn't had more than one accident a day for the past couple days. Which is SOO much better than when we first got him!

This weekend we took him to a friend's house who has two dachsunds, one of whom is only about 6 weeks old. Kona was a little bit baffled by this teeny tiny thing. It was really cute the way he was looking at her and poking her with his paw. Their older dachsund is not so outgoing, so he tried to run away from Kona. Kona thought that was a great game and chased him all around the house. Later on that same day some friends of ours with a 5-month-old puppy came by with their dog. She's a mutt, but they think she's a lab/German shepherd mix and looks like she might have some rottweiler, too. They had a great time playing together and both dogs were exhausted that evening. Which of course was great for us!

Jamie and I are really enjoying him and all his antics and really think we got a great dog! He's friendly with other dogs and people, doesn't bark much at all, hasn't chewed on anything he's not supposed to (yet!), and is just the right amount of loving, loyal and aloof. He loves us and gets very excited to play with us, but he's independent, too which makes it easier to get things done. He's not always under foot.

Enjoy the pictures!!

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cyndee said...

... been meaning to tell you how much I love your title bar and ask if you took the picture and where. It's beautiful.
Love you!