Saturday, February 28, 2009


Kona, as a general rule, despises water. So getting a bath is about the worst thing that can happen to him (closely followed by having to go outside when it's raining, which leads to many housebreaking accidents when the weather's nasty as it's been for the past several days and according to Mr. Weatherman will continue to be for the next two days at least. Joy). Just look at the absolute joy on his face following his bath:

Don't worry Kona. It's nothing a few minutes with the blowdryer can't fix.


Anonymous said...

How's he feel about a blow dryer? He looks like, "Mommy, how can you be SO MEAN to me?!?"
Love, Aunt Linda :-)

cyndee said...

hahaha! :-)

Rebecca said...

Well, at least once he's house trained completely you won't have to worry too much about wet dog smell and him tracking mud all over - like Lucky when he had been running around in the rain all day!You have such a good dog!