Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy First Month-iversary, Kona!

Today we've had Kona for exactly one month! Here's an update of how he's changed in the past 31 days:
  • He's doubled in size going from about 10 pounds when we got him to over 20 pounds today. His face and fur have also changed a little and he's looking more "dog" than "puppy".
  • He now goes very happily into his crate and even takes naps there during the day on occasion, and he waits patiently for me to get up in the morning without whining or barking.
  • He's (almost!) completely housebroken and is using his bell to ask out.
  • He sits on command and is getting the hang of "Come" and "Lay down".
  • He chases a tennis ball, but only when he feels like and when not distracted by other things; it's hilarious to throw it onto the wood floor and watch him slide around trying to get his footing on that floor.
  • He goes on walks and is very well-behaved on his leash. I don't even use the harness with him anymore.

Over all, Kona is really growing into a sweet, well-behaved dog. The biggest change over the past month I think is he's really bonded with us. Before he seem to see us as the meanies who took him from his family. Now he gets excited to see us, loves to be petted and played with and likes to stay close by when we're in the house. He gets super excited when Jamie gets home from work even though I've explained to him in no uncertain terms that I'm the one who cleans up his poop and by default shall be his favorite human, no questions asked, amen.

Here are some pictures of what a big pooch his turning into!

Kona on Day One:

And Kona today:

Kona and his sock on Day One:

Kona and his sock today:

Can you see a difference? He definitely looks bigger, but I think the most noticeable change in the pictures is his face and ears. He just looks so much older!


Rebecca said...

aw, he's too cute! Is his fur getting lighter too, or is it just the difference in time of day in the pictures?

cyndee said...

Yes, his hair looks much more golden now. Lighting? Or actual? And his ears have changed so much. Funny! Can't wait to meet him!

Kristy Straub said...

I think it's funny how different his ears are too! But I think it's interesting that the white patch on his head, neck and back seems a tad smaller... His eyes definitely look more grown up and you can see that longer beak of a dog nose growing in, rather than that puppy flat-faced look. It's so interesting to look at before & after shots; I liked that!

Shannon said...

I think you and Kona should take a road trip up here so we can meet him!