Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

The past few weeks I've been thinking about what a sedentary lifestyle I've been living lately. So I decided to do something about it. Yesterday evening I sat down and made myself a schedule for the week, planning out my morning routine, my evening routine and an attack plan for the household chores. This morning I woke up all ready to go (helped along by the fact that Kona has stopped whining in the morning; he waits quietly until I come get him - yay!). I got dressed in layers and went to start my morning routine which looks like this: get up, let Kona out and feed him, eat breakfast, take Kona for a walk. So I'm all dressed in my warm clothes ready to go for our walk as soon as Kona and I have eaten and this is what I see when I walk into my kitchen:

That is not a little sprinkle. It's a drenching rain with lightning and everything. Not to worry though, the weather man says it's going to continue throughout the day with occasional hail possible. Perfect.

In other news, Kona is doing fairly well with housebreaking, so I've started to work on some other commands with him. I wanted to wait until he was mostly housebroken and going into his crate happily. I figured he'd learn quicker if going potty and going into his crate were the only ways to get treats. Earlier I thought I'd take a quick video of Kona showing off what he's learned so far. The result was an especially long video that started with me standing there saying, "Come here Kona, come here" followed by my walking out of the shot to go find Kona and then yelling, "No! Kona! No no!!" when I found him in the next room pooping on the floor. Grrrr Apparently he hates going out in the rain. Anyway, I did finally get a video of him doing a pretty decent job of obeying me. For a delicious reward of Fritos.

Look how big he's getting! Can you believe it?

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cyndee said...

Yay, Kona! And yes! He is getting big! He looks like a St. Bernard! We DID see a type of mastiff during the dog show on TV the other night that looked like him. You might need to get a job just to pay for dog food....:-)