Saturday, January 7, 2012

Romance At Its Finest

Tonight was date night. We passed a cemetary on our way to dinner and I asked Jamie, "You're not going to bury me when I die, right? What will you do with my body?" My thought was that I prefer to be cremated, but I wasn't sure we'd ever discussed it. And date night is a good time for serious, albeit morbid, heart-to-hearts.

Jamie responded, "Donate it to science."
Me: "But I don't want to be donated."
Jamie: "You'll be dead. It won't be your body anymore, it'll be mine." And then he laughed at the thought of owning a body.
Me: "Seriously."
Jamie: "I'm going to have you stuffed and mounted. I'll hang you above the fireplace. We've been looking for something to go there. I'll have them make your face like the wild animals people mount. In a snarl. Might make it awkward when I start dating again."
Me: "I hate you."

A few minutes later he hit himself in the face with the door as we left his grandparents. You know what they say about karma.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahahaha! Love it!
And love you!
Aunt Linda :-)

Shannon said...

This made me laugh so hard I'm crying!!!!

Cyndee said...

Oh, Jamie....

Alicia said...

I completely agree with Jamie. I would love to be donated to science, Or buried in the back yard. Lou better not spend any money on something ridiculous like a funeral and headstone. He can just have a nice little memorial service at church and spring for catering for everyone afterwards - like Chick-Fil-A platters. And baked goods. And coffee. That would be a fitting memorial.

Lori said...

Hilarious. This totally sounds like a conversation Troy and I would have.

grandpa said...

Don't give that body to science! They will only cut it up in some lab while wide eyed students look on. What will they get out of it? Have you been to a doctor lately? On second thought donate it to science.