Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Five Months

Little Miss Anna is five months old today! She's getting soo big! See?

This month she:
Celebrated her first Christmas! We had a great time celebrating with her and travelling all over the east coast.

Had her first trip on a plane, and did a whole lot better than I was expecting! I was pretty much expecting 3 hours of screaming, but she only cried for a few minutes on two separate occasions.

Got her first tooth! Sorta. It's there, I can feel it but you can't quite see it yet.

Discovered squealing and fell in love. She used to smile, babble or giggle when she was happy, cry when she was upset; now it's all squealing all the time. She squeals when she's happy, sad, angry, tired, bored, hungry...it apparently expresses all emotions.

Finally met her cousins! Biological and honorary.

Found her feet and fell in love again. She had noticed her toes before, but now she's really aware that they're great play things.

She's growing and changing so fast that I'm sure I missed something! She is more and more fun every day and we love her to pieces!!

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Shannon said...

Your marriage ticker says you've been married for almost 5 years!!! My first thought was, "that can't be right" :) Then I realized that if Lindsey is almost 5 it must be true. CRAZY!!! TIME FLIES!!!!!

PS. Anna looks adorable in her 5 and 6th month pic:):):)