Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anna's First Beach Trip

Last week we took Anna to the beach.

Here's what I didn't bring with me:
- Anna's bathing suit
- Sunscreen for Anna
- Sunscreen for Jamie and me
- Any type of summer clothing for myself
- Towels
- A blanket
- Anna's hat and/or sunglasses
- Beach-appropriate footwear for myself

Here's what we did have:
- The three of us
- 80 degree weather
- Aqua blue water
So basically everything you really need.

Anna was not a fan. The water was a little too cold and when we stuck her feet in she screamed.

The sand felt funny and tasted even worse.

And getting her feet rinsed at the showers was terrible!

But she enjoyed lounging on the picnic table in the sun while we brushed her off and got her dressed.

And was quite happy once we put her back in her stroller and she could play with her feet again.

Anyway, I can't have a kid who hates the beach so I guess this summer we'll just have to make several trips until she loves it.


Shannon said...

I know a place you could stay for the summer only an hour from the beach ;). I would be willing to provide examples of varying ages of appropriate childrens beach behavior :)

grandpa said...

Maybe, just maybe she will like the mountains and hills with trees; steams of water she can canoe in; trails for hiking and biking. However given the the way her family loves the ocean and sand, not likely.