Thursday, December 1, 2011

"They" Are Crazy

"They" (whoever that may be) say no screen time until 2. No TV, no computer, no iPhone/iPad/iPod, etc.

"They" say it shortens attention spans.

"They" say it impedes intellectual development.

"They" have clearly never seen how hypnotic my cranky 3-month-old becomes when watching this.

The question is, who will tire of it first, me or Anna? I have to say I'm a little concerned that she starts fussing again during Statler and Waldorf's (the two grumpy old men; yes, I did just google that) scene. Because I'm not sure I can have a child who doesn't appreciate how hilarious they are.


Joel said...

Mahna mahna. Have you seen the new movie yet? It's pretty good!

sonflowerjax said...

Thanks!! Now ill be singing that all day!! :) so...I'd love to read your thoughts on little Einsteins. :) and, I'm excited to hear Anna's 4 month #'s. Looking forward to seeing our babies together in a few weeks at church, assuming you'll be there on a Sunday! :)

Rebecca said...

My question is, how did you discover that Anna calmed down while watching it???

Tara said...

Desperation, Becs.