Saturday, December 3, 2011

Da Nile

I would be writing a post about how Anna is 4 months old today, but since she was just born yesterday that can't be so.

So here's a picture of my newborn who is never going to grow up and leave me.

Confession: I was straightening up the living room and decided to move her infant bouncy seat out of the way because she's getting too big for it. I set it in the dining room (where we keep all the baby stuff because we don't actually want or need a dining room) next to the cradle she slept in until she got too big for it. Then I looked at them sitting there next to each other and wondered how in the world she got too big for both of them already. Then I cried.

Confession #2: I got all choked up again typing that. I'm totally gonna be one of those moms whose 5-year-old skips happily into kindergarten without a second glance back at mom while I lose it ugly-style outside the classroom.


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Shannon said...

AHHH I can't believe how big she is getting! I can't wait to see her again:):):):)