Saturday, June 18, 2011

Getting So Close!

Look at my little stork up there. He's really getting close to the end of that line! I can't believe our baby girl will be here in only 8 weeks! Sometimes it feels like I've been pregnant for such a long time and other days I can't believe it's flying by so fast! I have, of course, been terrible about blogging, journaling and taking pictures to chronicle this journey despite the fact that I was determined to do a good job! Oh well...I am what I am. And that's just not a journaler. Here's the 32 week shot:

I can't believe I'm going to keep growing for 8 more weeks! I'm feeling like I'll be totally immoblized by the end. Which is why my mommy is going to come take care of me...and clean my house for me. Right, Mommy?? I actually have had a bit of a nesting urge lately and feel like I MUST organize every closet, cabinet and drawer in the house. Unfortunately, I haven't felt an uncontrollable urge to vacuum. So if you come to my house, please look at my ultra-organized master closet before you judge my disgusting floors too harshly. And remember, these carpets are getting torn out soon anyway. Speaking of, I highly recommend painting your house right before you get the carpets replaced. It's so freeing to not lay a drop cloth down and drip paint on the floor. I felt so wild and crazy. We really live on the edge around here.

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Cyndee said...

Looking forward to taking care of you and helping you get the house ready for our sweet girl! Is the nursery painted?
As far as your 'belly shot' goes, you are standing further back than in the last pic, so you actually look smaller! You can just step one step away from the camera for the next 8 weeks and you'll never get any bigger! :-)