Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prepare to Hate Me

If you've ever been pregnant, you have my permission to dislike me. Because I'm finding this whole experience SO enjoyable! I'm not miserably uncomfortable by a long shot. We only have 3 weeks left, and as excited as I am to meet this little princess in person, I'm so sad that it's almost over! I'm a little bit uncomfortable and miss getting a full night's sleep, but I doubt that's going to change after she's born. And in the meantime, I love feeling her move and feeling like we have this special connection. I'm sure there will be times after she's born when I'm BEGGING someone else to take her for a while and just let me be alone. But right now I love feeling like she's just mine. Jamie and my friends and family can enjoy feeling her kick sometimes, and I know they love her already, too, just like I do. But she's literally always with me. I recognize her little movements and I'm starting to feel like I know her. I'm going to miss this special time! I feel like it just flew by, and now even though I'm so, so eager to meet her I'm not quite ready for her debut. And not just because labor terrifies me :)


Cyndee said...

Enjoy her while you can, sucker, cause when I get her she's MINE ALL MINE!! MUHWHAHAHAHA!


Shannon said...

I predict you are going to have this baby right on your due date since everything else has been perfect:)

Rebecca said...

Aw, it was so good to read all the blogs I missed and see your lovely pregnant self! YOu are so cute! I CANNOT WAIT to meet this little girl! You're SO close!!!