Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reasons I'm Glad My Niece is Only Three

1. She won't care that her birthday present is well over a week late.

2. She won't care that her loser aunt only had baby boy wrapping paper and tissue paper to wrap her gift in.

3. She probably won't even notice the Priority Mail tape all over her gift.

4. She definitely won't notice that I couldn't find a card that said "Niece" on it.

5. I doubt she'll see her present and think, "Gee whiz, what'd she do wrap this in her car sitting in the Target parking lot??"

6. She'll totally forget about me forgetting to buy her a birthday gift so no permanent damage is expected.

Dear Lindsey,

Thanks for being 3 and too little to realize what a doofus I am.


The worst aunt ever.


Anonymous said...

I used to keep tape and scissors in the car to wrap the gifts that I bought on the way to the parties! I've also taken things to the post office and bought the gift box AT THE P.O.!!! You're not a doofus, or you're a doofus genetically!
Love, Aunt Linda :-)

Alicia and Lou said...

You're not the worst aunt ever, you're the best aunt ever! Just when she thought all of her birthday festivities were over, (party is over, all of the cake is eaten, she's already played with her new toys like 4 times already) along comes a package. One that is wrapped and contains a PRESENT!! Thus extending her birthday fun into a whole new week. Awesome.

Cyndee said...

But in the end, the dress looks adorable on her! So, everybody wins! :-)