Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My New Toy!

I'm not exactly all up on the latest technological gadgets (if you need proof, the last time I wrote about getting an exciting new toy it was a Swiffer Wet Jet). I still cannot, for the life of me, figure out what an iPad is for. Except of course making Steve Jobs richer.

But you don't need to be cool and technologically savvy if you've got a super hip brother-in-law!!

Last weekend when Shane passed through Buford on his way up to Toccoa he brought me an iPod Touch!

Isn't it pretty?? Not actually mine; I got this picture off a website. But mine looks like this one.

He bought himself a new Macbook for college and got the iPod as a free gift. But since he's way cooler than us, he already has an iPhone, so the iPod was pretty superfluous. And actually strictly speaking it's for me AND Jamie, but really it's mine and I don't let Jamie play with it. I feel sooo cool! It's a lot like the iPhone, minus the phone calls part. I can get on Facebook and check my email on it. I can even text on it. After Shane shows me how...And when I'm with a group of people and we're trying to schedule something, I can pull out my sweet looking iPod instead of my archaic date book (no offense, date book. I still love you). If everyone else I know didn't already have an iPhone, they'd be so jealous!

Now all I need to do is fill it with music and apps. So if you've got any can't-live-without apps on your own nifty Apple products, let me know!

P.S. When I spell checked this, spell checker didn't recognize the words "iPod", iPhone", "Macbook" or "Facebook". So I am most definitely cooler than Blogger apparently.


Cyndee said...

Get me one for Christmas.

Alicia and Lou said...

Awesome! I really want an iPhone for Christmas, but maybe I'll just keep my old phone and get one of these.

Joel said...

I'm not as cool as you, and I'm still using the archaic Blackberry technology. But I imagine that if it's on Blackberry, it's gotta be on i(fill in the blank), so here are some apps that I love:
Phillies Web app
Google Maps app - even without GPS, you can punch in 2 addresses and get driving directions.
Youversion Bible app - makes people think you read the Bible like all the time.
OpenBeak for Twitter updates
ScoreMobile - keeps track of all sporting events, pro or college.
Documents to Go - Lets me edit any MS excel or word documents in my phone.
Google Sync - Syncs your contacts & calendar (I think) with your Google contacts & calendar!

There's also a cool game for the iPhone that involves guiding planes onto runways. Sounds dumb, but it's fun!

I hope that these help you to exercise your hipness to its fullest potential.

Cyndee said...

After rashly stating that I want an Ipod touch for Christmas, I started thinking about it and realized that I would then have to carry it AND my phone all the time. Would I want to do this? Do you do this now Tara?

Tara said...

In answer to your question, yes I do carry both. But the iPod is super sleek and light, so it's no big deal. it actually fits in the little outside pocket of my wallet (which is one of those bigger wallets that fit a checkbook). I pull the iPod out for pretty much everything and just leave my phone in my purse unless it's ringing. It's a lot lighter than my datebook which I now no longer need.

grandpa said...

Tara let me know how you like the I-Pod. Don is after me to replace my MP-3 player that I use on my hikes with the I-pod. I listen to E-books while hiking and he saids I can load them down from I-Tunes using his account. The MP3 is big and I have to change disks.

Tara said...

The iPod - or anything similar to it that you can download your books onto - would probably be more convenient. Shannon has an iPod shuffle which is REALLY small but still works the same basic way when it comes to audio files. You'd probably like it more than what you're using now, but I don't think it would so drastically increase the enjoyment you're getting out of your walks or anything!! And there's players out there that aren't Apple products that you can download your books onto. They would be a lot cheaper.

grandpa said...

Thanks, I will look into it. The reason I lean toward the IPOD is I think that is the only one I-tunes downloads to and the only one Don has an account. If I use his account I don't have to pay for the downloads.

Grandma, Michael, and I will be going to Chicago this afternoon to meet up with Rebecca and carry her stuff she stored at White Hawk. We will spend the night.