Saturday, March 3, 2012

Seven Months

How time flies! Anna is seven months old today! (and totally not in a photo shoot kinda mood)

This months she's...

  • Sitting up all by herself! She's pretty steady now, although she has taken a few tumbles and faceplants. She can sit for a long time and play with her toys.

  • Eating big girl food! She took to solids very quickly and is now eating 3 meals a day of cereal and vegetables. So far she has loved everything we've introduced her to. She gets really excited about trying finger foods, but hasn't quite gotten the hang of getting them in her mouth.

  • Absolutely loving it when I sing"Anna anna bo banna banana fanna fo fanna me my mo manna anna!" She thinks it's GREAT! And will stop crying to listen every time.

  • Travelling like a champ as always! This month it was up to New Jersey to meet Ezekiel! We're sooooo excited to have him home and can't wait to visit again!

  • Jumping like crazy! She has a Jumperoo and a Johnny Jumper and she goes crazy in both!

  • Making friends everywhere we go. She is quite the social butterfly and LOVES being out and about. She will smile and charm anyone who smiles or talks to her.

  • Getting very ticklish! She used to just wiggle and look at you like you were annoying her if you tried to tickle her. Now she's finally starting to giggle!

  • She's so much fun and this is a great stage! We're really enjoying this phase of parenting!


    sonflowerjax said...

    Love it!! Wish you were closer! It IS such a fun stage!!! :)

    Cyndee said...

    You should have saved all that brain power coming up with a name and just called this child "Jamie 2.0!" :-)