Friday, February 3, 2012

Sixth Months Old!

I'm sixth months old today! See how big I'm getting?

I'm doing all kinds of new things this month:
- I'm almost sitting up on my own. I can stay up for a few seconds, but Mommy has to stay close by, because I topple over.
- I have two teeth! They both came in this month within two weeks of each other. I was pretty unhappy about it!
- My love affair with squealing has tapered off a bit. My new love is blowing raspberries!
- I'm a total Mommy's girl. I don't mind if someone else holds me or plays with me as long as Mommy is out of sight. But if I can see her, I have to have her! Especially if I'm cranky.
- I'm big enough now to rough house with Daddy and I love it! I like to be tossed into the air and swung around. I have no fear!
- I had my first cold AND my first diaper rash this month. I didn't like that at all.
- I have a new roomie! My Aunt Becca moved in this month, and I think she's pretty great! She plays with me when Mommy's cooking dinner and sometimes she and I get to hang out together while Mommy and Daddy go out.
- I had my first bowl of rice cereal today! Most of it wound up ON me instead of IN me, but Mommy says I'll get it if we keep trying!

Can you believe how fast I'm growing up? I'm a whole half a year!


Joel said...

Too cute!

Cyndee said...

Can't wait to see her again!