Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Delicious AND Healthy!

I love the pregnancy diet - eat as much healthy, nutritious stuff as you can. Plain and simple. I love eating a big salad, feeling good about all the veggies I'm getting and not worrying about the fact that the cheese and dressing is totally killing any weight-loss attempts.

However, I'm not a huge veggie lover and I was worrying about whether or not my little peanut was getting all her nutritional needs met. So I decided to start making fruit and veggie smoothies for breakfast. And I'd like to officially declare my first attempt a smashing success. Here's what was in it:

1 C. lowfat organic vanilla yogurt
1/2 C. frozen mixed berries
1/2 of a medium-sized banana
10 baby carrots
1/2 C. frozen chopped spinach

I blended all of that together until it was really, really liquidy (I did NOT want to find a chunk of spinach in my smoothie). Then I poured the mixture into ice cube trays and froze. Once the smoothie cubes were solid, I popped them out of the tray into a freezer bag.

This morning before work, I put half the cubes into my smoothie cup that attaches to my blender (brillant invention by the way), added 4 oz. of Mott's fruit and vegetable juice and blended until smooth.

It tasted so good! Very sweet, and not at all like a spinach smoothie. Definitely a great way to add some fruits and veggies to my diet! And freezing the cubes beforehand meant I only spent a minute making breakfast this morning (because - let's be honest - I would not have woken up early enough this morning to chop produce). I highly recommend giving this a try.


Joel said...

I'm glad to hear that this worked out for you! Unfortunately, I'm forced to point out something:

You're pregnant.

Pregnant women are notorious (at least on sitcoms) for their strange cravings and bazaar food combinations. Putting spinach in a smoothie sounds pretty weird and unsafe.

If you try this again post-pregnancy and still find it delicious, let me know. =)

Stephanie and Chris Hunnicutt said...

Chris and I are very excited for you all. Congratulations! We will have to get together soon and hang out. I would love to have play dates one day.

Cyndee said...

I want to try it, but everytime I read "chunk of spinach," I gag.