Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trashpicking! Wheeeee!!!

Yesterday Jamie and I went for a walk and saw this:

on our neighbor's lawn with a sign that read "$75". Today when I was walking Kona, I saw the sign had been changed to "Free". Much more in our price range. So we snatched it up. Along with this:

And this:

And of course this:

Which I have been having a great time with, sticking it in random places for Jamie to find.

Three cheers for furnishing your home with your neighbor's castoffs!!


Christy said...

When I worked with the youth group, we used to play this game called 'bigger and better' where teams would start with penny and go door to door and ask people to trade for stuff. I loved when we'd do this in Washington Township because we would get the awesomest stuff from people's trash!!

Anonymous said...

I have also trashpicked and got some awesome stuff for my house, but you struck the motherlode; all those pieces were in ONE trash pickin' outing?! Outstanding!
Love and miss you!
Aunt Linda :-)

cyndee said...

Now, will you actually fix up the stuff? Or just leave it in your garage for years and years SAYING you are going to fix it up before you put it out on YOUR trash? :-)

Anonymous said...

Great desk!!!Doesn't look like it needs much work. Does it go with your other furniture?

Rebecca said...

Wow! That rabbit is beautiful! What a find! You are like a trash-picker extraordinaire! I think I might get you a trophy for your achievements.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Miss Tats! We've been looking at your trashpickins for a month now. At least put up pics of the newly refurbished stuff. You DID fix it all up, right? I need somehting new to read, or something new to look at! I'm just saying!
Aunt Linda ;-)