Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Update on Jamie

Well we spent a nice looooong day at the Duluth Outpatient Surgery Center, but Jamie's ACL is now all repaired. His doctor said the surgery went very well and that his ACL was actually completely torn and not just partially torn or stretched as he previously thought. The anesthesia did a number on him and he was pretty nauseous afterwards so we stayed in the hospital recovery room for quite a while. But we got home and got him settled in and now he's doing well. He ate and took his medicine and is feeling just fine, all things considered. Hopefully the medicines' drowsiness side effect will kick in and he'll sleep well tonight and have a good, restful day tomorrow.

I'll keep everyone updated!

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grandpa said...

Good news! We are glade to hear the surgery went well. Sorry that he got sick form the anisthesia. Grandma always reacts to the anisthesia, but in a good way. She just sleeps for a day. Keep us posted and tell him to hang in there.