Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumnal Despair

All I wanted was spiced wafers. The kind that come in the orange box and go perfectly with hot apple cider. But our grocery store here does not sell them. And now I'm sitting at my desk with a cheap box of ginger snaps that get soggy after a quick dunk in my cider.

I hate Kroger and all that they stand for.


Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry! I feel your pain every time I want a wawa chibatta sandwhich, or tastykakes! Chicago does not know what they're missing! How can parts of the US be deprived of such glorious goodness! But maybe it's just your grocery store! maybe you will discover a place that sells the cookies!

cyndee said...

Sorry the cheap fakes didn't work out. I was so hoping they would.