Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Long Weekend

Most mornings when we wake up I beg Jamie to call in sick and stay home. And then I can do the same and we can spend the day together instead of working. He never says yes. Slavedriver. But about a month or so ago when I was once again whining about going to work, we agreed that we would pick a day and take off just to relax and have some fun together. So this past Friday, we played hooky (well actually we both told our bosses well in advance we wouldn't be there) and did just that.

We slept in a bit and then drove up to Lake Burton. We didn't have a plan when we got in the car, but we were spending the night at his grandparents in Toccoa so we headed that general direction and ended up following the signs to Moccasin Creek State Park. Which is really not a park so much as a bunch of campsites on a lake. But it's a beautiful area and the drive to the park is really pretty. It reminded me a little of Wisconsin - lots of cows and hills and pretty views.

At Moccasin Creek State Park we rented a canoe and paddled around Lake Burton for about an hour. It was pretty windy so rowing was tough (at least that's what Jamie said. I really just sat in front and dipped my paddle in once or twice to look like I was helping), but it was really nice. There are a lot of pretty houses on the lake and we paddled around and checked those out. Then when we got back, I hopped out first and tried to pull the canoe up on shore. I was doing good, but Jamie couldn't keep his balance and fell out into the lake. Bwahahaha!! He surprisingly was not at all upset with me, mostly because I managed to keep his precious blackberry safe and dry. His clothes, however, stunk like nobody's business. I'm not sure I will ever be convinced to swim in that lake if the water makes a person smell that foul.

The lovely Lake Burton

Jamie - dry and happy

Canoeing duo (I spent a good portion of our time holding the camera up and taking shots of both of us. I think I did a pretty awesome job. This is just one of many fine examples).

Jamie post-swim. No longer dry, but still looking pretty happy.
Right now he's thinking: "She's so lucky she didn't dump my phone in the lake..."

After canoeing we drove around some more and enjoyed the scenery and then headed over to Toccoa. We met up with Arri outside of the gym on campus and she invited me to practice with the girls soccer team. I did and it was fun, but I am definitely old and out of shape and no longer a college athlete. Jamie meanwhile went to hang out with his extended family and then met back up with us for dinner at Arri's house before the volleyball game (which Toccoa won easily). We spent the rest of the night visiting with Jamie's family and then watched the girls and guys soccer teams play on Saturday (girls won, boys lost) before heading back home.

It was nice. It was relaxing. And now it's over and we're back at work :( But our church small group starts back up tonight AND The Office returns on Thursday. So this should be a pretty decent week!

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