Thursday, September 25, 2008

Autumn in North Georgia

Fall falls differently in northeast Georgia. Not being a huge fan of heat and humidity, I don't love the 80 degree weather we get straight through September, but I have to admit it does make the summer feel longer. Especially since I'm no longer in school and therefore have no schedule changes to mark the seasons. "Summer" is just whenever it's hot. And it's hot from May through September. So I guess summer lasts longer in Georgia. Man, I love it here!

Anyway, even when fall does come (as it's been trying to do in the last few days), it happens a little differently. First off, the trees start to change before the weather does. It's an odd thing to me. The temperature outside is telling me it's summer, but the foliage says it's autumn. Secondly, fall sneaks in during the night and then goes back into hiding as the sun rises. It's not unusual for morning temperatures to dip well into the 50's. But by lunchtime, it's a sweltering 85 again. Layers become a girl's best friend (unless a girl happens to work in an office with three men who consider an arctic environment perfect working conditions; then said girl is dressing in sweaters year round anyway).

Last week on my way to work I heard a DJ announce that we would be having perfect football weather that weekend - sunny and 85. Sunny and 85? That's perfect for football? When I think "football" I also always think "cold". Maybe some flurries. And ok, I know, the football season has started in New Jersey now, too and it's still warm there. But before too long every athlete in the northeast from pee wee up to pro will be wearing layers under and over their uniform. Fall sports are supposed to be played in the cold. In college, we played two games in Kentucky one year. It was raining and 40 degrees the whole time. And I loved it.

Next month the trick-or-treaters will be out (some of them anyway; Halloween's not so popular here in the Bible belt. Last year Jamie and I bought a bunch of candy and had exactly 0 visitors. I purposely bought candy we don't like to keep us from eating it all. I think we still have it). I remember having to plan Halloween costumes that allowed for warm clothing to be layered underneath. Around here, kids can just wear the fairy costume leotard without a sweatshirt stuffed underneath.

I can't say my new state of residence is better or worse than my home state, but I can say it's definitely different.

Here's a fine example of Jamie's and my inability to leave our home states behind: this was last December, we'd just returned from purchasing our first Christmas tree. It was pretty warm that night, even for Georgia. Certainly not hoodie and hat weather, dumb Jersey girl. And not tank top weather either, crazy Florida kid (to be fair, he had a long sleeved t-shirt on when we were out). Be sure to check back this December to see if we've adjusted our wardrobes in time for Christmas tree shopping 2008!


cyndee said...

Look at you, you blogging fool! Just so you know: froze my hiney off at my only Phillies game this year; today - cloudy, windy and in the 60s at best. Blah :-{

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful sunny 77 degrees in Chicago! In case you were wondering :)

Tara said...

Becs, I'm shocked! I really thought it would be much cooler in Chicago by now!

grandpa said...

We are still in the high 70's up in Wisconsin, but the trees are turning and nights are in the 50's.