Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'd like to start off by saying cake is good, but icing is awesome! Mommy was right - sugar is delicious. I had a great time on my birthday digging into my cake, opening presents and, once the sugar kicked in, going good and crazy and entertaining everyone.

Yum! Cake with blue icing!
 Now that I'm one, I'm doing all kinds of fun things! I started taking a few steps on my own and every day I get better and better at this walking stuff. By the time my little sister arrives, I might give up crawling altogether. I like to stop and do headstands from time to time. I bend over, but my hands and head on the floor and stick my tushy up in the air. Just like an olympic gymnast.

I also talk A LOT. I have a few words, although Mommy and Daddy are the only ones who understand me. I say "Ruff!" when someone asks me what a puppy says (I also say "Ruff!" if someone asks me what a kitty says...or a pig...or a cow...). I also like to find things on the floor, hold them up to show Mommy, say "Yuck!" and then put them in my mouth. Most of the time I just babble. I tell a lot of stories and will talk all day long. I like to tell secrets, too and will whisper to someone if they whisper to me. But I can be very loud, too!

I love being one!
My hair is getting long and I can finally wear bows. But of course, I pull them out as soon as Mommy puts them in. I put stuff on my head all day - toys, clothes, Mommy's sunglasses - and love for anyone watching to tell me I'm so pretty!

I come to Mommy and Daddy for snuggles now. I'll lay my head on their chest or shoulder and say "Ahh ahh". They tell me it's adorable :) Mommy thinks it's especially cute when I lay my head on her belly and snuggle with my baby sister.

I still love to eat, but only if I'm having what Mommy and Daddy are having. If they try to eat in front of me without sharing I get very angry!

By my next post, I'll be a big sister!

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sonflowerjax said...

So precious! I know i find myself saying the same thing every few months, but I love this stage!!