Monday, June 11, 2012

Anna Being Adorable

It took me seriously forever to get these darn things loaded on here, so you better enjoy them!!

We're using baby sign language with Anna, so when she's finished eating I'll ask if she's all done, sign "all done", and wait for her to sign it back. The other day I was saying and signing "all done" over and over and she wouldn't do it back. Finally she said, emphatically, "Ah duh!" Now she mimics us whenever we say it and it's freaking adorable. I also say "Yuck!" whenever she puts something she shouldn't be eating in her mouth. She's started trying to make the sound at the end of "Yuck". Also adorable :)

Someone's thinking about walking! This weekend she climbed under the kitchen table, pushed this chair out and brought it all the way across our sunroom.
He did turn her around. And then she sat on the floor and looked at him like "What? I brought it all the way over here. I'm not bringing it back, too."

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Cyndee said...

I can never decide whether to laugh or cry when I see how big she is getting!! We need to skype soon!