Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Jamie: I really hope you get pregnant in the next couple months.

Tara: (awww it's so sweet that he's so excited to be a daddy!) Yeah, me too.

Jamie: Then we'd have a baby around Christmastime.

Tara: (awww he's thinking how much fun Christmas would be if we had our own little one to celebrate with) Yeah, that would be fun.

Jamie: That way we'd get a tax deduction next year.

I <3 my accountant husband! :)


Joel said...

haha, hooray for tax breaks!

And for more nieces and nephews!

Cyndee said...

Imagine if you have twins! :-)

Shannon said...

You should have twins! One on Dec. 31 and then the other on Jan 1st. That way you get a tax break this year and the year they turn 18!

Amber said...

Like :)

grandpa said...

Do you two need counseling on how this is done.