Thursday, January 21, 2010

Resolutions: Month Two

January's now over so it's time to look at how I'm doing and what successes and failures I had in this first month of 2010. And it's time to get started on my February goals. So let's see how I've done so far and what's in store this month :

Resolution #1 - Get Healthier.

I've kept my commitment to walk the dog 5 times a week even on the REALLY cold days, however I did skip one day when it was pouring rain. Who wants to walk in that? I've since come up with a good substitute of playing chase with Kona for 15 minutes on yucky days. That way we still both get some exercise. Cutting out soda has not been a problem. I drink sweet tea or lemonade if we're out, but mostly I have water. I think there was one time I was really craving a Coke (in the literal sense, not the southern anything-that-fizzes defintion of Coke). But it was no big deal to have something else. One night at Moe's the lemonade dispenser was broken and I didn't want caffeinated tea, so I had root beer. But once in 31 days is not so bad.

This month, in addition to not drinking soda, I'm going to start drinking more water. Now, I know they've changed their minds about the whole 8 glasses of water a day thing, but I know I feel better if I drink more water. And when I'm trying to get a certain amount of water in me, it's hard to have room for juice, soda or tea so it cuts down my sugar intake.

I'm also bumping my walking distance up to two miles and looking for a good stretching routine. Because when it comes to flexibility, I have none. So I thought I'd feel better if I started stretching every day and increasing my flexibility before I stepped up my workouts to anything that might make me sore.

Resolution #2 - Get Organized

I made my cleaning checklist and have been editing and revising it ever since. But I love it. I don't make myself do everything every day, but I do most things most days so I stay on top of things and our house is generally neater. And I feel like I'm providing a more relaxing environment for Jamie to come home to after long work days. I've also had no problem cutting out TV. I just don't turn it on, making it very easy not to watch it.

For the month of February, my goals are to continue with my cleaning checklist and to paint our hall bathroom which we're hoping to redecorate soon (and if I'm lucky, we'll be getting the floor retiled, but don't hold your breath).

Resolution #3 - Get Connected

Well this is perhaps my biggest under acheivment. I've made the birthday list as planned. However, 3 birthdays have now passed and I have 3 more in the next two days and I've sent exactly 0 cards. I have an excuse for one of those, as I'm going to be seeing the birthday boy this weekend ( hi Grandpa!) and wanted to give him his card then. The other 5, my only excuse is laziness. So if your birthday has passed recently and you haven't gotten a card from me, I swear it's coming! Soon. I hope. My other goal for the month of January was top secret and involved only my mom and sisters. And girls, you'll be getting an email soon. :) Oh and joining the small group. That's done.

For February, I'm going to start using email to stay more connected. I have an aversion to the phone and so outside of my mom and sister I don't talk to too many people on the phone. But I still need to stay connected and I'm always on the computer so my goal for this month is to start sending more emails to those I'm far away from.

And so begins 2010 Resolutions, part 2 of 12.


Rebecca said...

Sounds like you're doing great Tara! If you keep it up you'll be super woman by the end of this year :) oh, by the way, I have a total aversion to the phone too but I find video-chatting WAY less intimidating and a lot more intimate. So, if you consider getting a webcam we could try it sometime and see how you like it...
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Must be hereditary! I also have an aversion to the phone! Yet I LOVE communicating via texting and FB. Love keeping in touch; just hate the phone method!
Aunt Linda :-)

Joel said...

I might have told you this already, but I put everyone's birthday in my phone/outlook calendar. If you're phone can sync with outlook, that's a good idea. I still don't remember everyone's birthday, but at least I can see them coming...

Cyndee said...

You are very brave. I think I am going to bite the bullet and look at my January resolutions tomorrow. Then I'll probably be depressed for the rest of the day...

grandpa said...

Hi back at you! I'll pick my card up on the weekend of the 19th and we can go out and celb..

Joel said...

So I remembered you making a comment about not being flexible, and I too am very inflexible. But guess what! I can just about touch my toes standing with my feet together. I honestly can't remember a time when I could do that!

I've been working out a lot, but if I was to pick the two major contributing factors, I would say that it's P90X's Stretch routine and the Yoga routine. What? Oh no, haha, of course I don't do the Yoga... I meant drinking beer and working on the Jeep... But if I DID do Yoga, I would say it was helping with my flexibility and balance and I'd suggest it to you. Just don't convert to some weird religion.