Monday, July 28, 2008

We Moved In!

We are all moved into the new house now. On Saturday, we rented a truck and Jamie's cousins came down from Toccoa to help us move everything. Some friends met us over at the new house to help unload and everything was done by 3:00 Saturday afternoon. It really wasn't too bad (although the guys might disagree with me since I didn't carry a single heavy thing and they carried all of our furniture down a flight of stairs into the truck). Now we have to figure out where to put everything! Jamie of course made sure the tv was set up right away and the living room furniture is pretty much where it should be, but other than that it's a disaster zone. We have SO much space, which is great, but I can't decide what to do with it all. Hopefully over the next week we'll get everything put away.

This morning there is someone coming over to put in our kitchen appliances so we'll be able to cook in the new house. Which is good because I haven't really cooked a real meal in weeks. Now we just have to go get some groceries.

We went out last night to look for blinds for our back windows. They are very sunny and I love how big they are, but it does feel a little conspicuous to sit in our living room at night with a large wall of windows right there. We didn't end up finding what we wanted, but we did get a new comforter and shams for our bedroom. I was VERY excited about that because I wanted something a little prettier. It's still just a khaki color, but it has a bit of a design and the matching shams are nice. I'm hoping to convince Haley to help me make a couple little throw pillows to complete the ensemble.

Well there's a brief update. I know you probably want more pictures, but I got nothing for ya right now. If I did take pictures of the house right now, it would just be of the piles and piles of our stuff everywhere - not too exciting. But hopefully we'll finish up the painting and make it look all pretty soon and I'll have more pictures to share!


Shannon said...

Congrats on moving in!!!!! When we moved into our house in Marmora there was on Eagles game on so the TV was in and hooked up before anything else! Love you!!!!

grandpa said...

Know you are glad to be moved in no matter the work to be done. As for the comment about adult life and spending tax refund 9 months before you get get. Adult life starts when you file you taxes with a check attached (no refund). See you have something to look forward to. Tell Bob to study architectural drawings, your drawing is good.